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Blue Heron standing in blue water
Blue Lagoon
8" x 10"

A blue heron lives around shallow water. A lagoon is a small freshwater lake. A blue lagoon is a drink made with blue curacao, vodka, and lemonade. In my brain it is natural for a blue lagoon to be sneaking up close to a dock where there is a blue lagoon drink nearby.

This artwork comes already framed in a birch frame. Email if you would like to see a photo of this painting framed.

This painting is part of my Animal Spirit series. Spirits can be ghosts or the liquid containing ethanol and water that is distilled. Animal spirits can be guides to understanding personality or the future. Or, in this case, Animal Spirits are drinks associated with an animal, feathered, finned, scaled, or furred.

My Etsy shop has cards and prints of this painting.