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A Boston Terrier stands on a bar stool in a bar, A pint of dark beer stands near him.
Boston Beer Party
8 x 11

This painting is part of my Animal Spirit series. Spirits can be ghosts or the liquid containing ethanol and water that is distilled. Animal spirits can be guides to understanding personality or the future. Or, in this case, Animal Spirits are drinks associated with an animal, feathered, finned, scaled, or furred.

When I first began painting this Animal Spirit series, a friend suggested her Boston Terrier as a model. And, of course, beer for the alcoholic beverage because my friend and her husband brewed beer. But the connection wasn’t strong for me. Then, I thought about famous Boston events. The Boston Marathon, Boston Terrier, and beer? Wait, a Boston Beer Party. I could get started!

This painting comes framed. Contact the artist if you would like to see a picture of this painting framed.

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