Animal Friends Portraits, animal art by S. Jordan
Arctic KissLion TailFuzzy navelYellow ParrotTequila MockingbirdScots and sodaOui, BubblesWarm and FuzzyMule KickBoston Beer PartySalty dogRooster TailPink FlamingoPearls before SwineMoscow MuleMorning AfterCheese and QuackersMoo-nshineChicken ShotBlue LagoonFireballWhite Russian BlueShopping Cart WhinesShaker and SaltOld CrowHair of the dogGreyhoundsOne Beagle, One Scotch, One BeerBrandy Sniffer
Animal Spirits
Spirits can be ghosts or the liquid containing ethanol and water that is distilled. Animal spirits can be guides to understanding personality or the future. Or, in this case, Animal Spirits are drinks associated with an animal, feathered, finned, scaled, or furred.

Most of these paintings come framed. Contact the artist if you would like to see a picture of paintings framed.

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